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Moving Accounts Again (sort of)

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 23, 2011, 1:17 AM

Sooooooooooo... Allow me to cut to the chase and explain, I suppose. Anyone who doesn't want to read my ramblings can skip to the tl;dr version at the end. c:

Basically, the main reason for my inactivity lately is, while I have been drawing and making art, I haven't really made much that I feel is... well, good enough. I've made a lot of nice sketches and character designs, but I haven't made many solid final products that I'm truly proud of and want to show off. And there's also a few projects of mine that I'm currently keeping under lock and key for now. Hence the extreme lack of uploading... well, anything.

Lately I feel that my art isn't quite as good as it should be, and I'd like to change that. I don't care if I'm spending more time on a sketch than necessary; I want to improve, and simply giving up on a drawing or deciding it's "close enough" or that nobody will care about a mistake here and there will NOT help me. While it's impossible for art to be "perfect," since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it's absolutely impossible to please everyone, I want to strive to truly do my best.

Which brings me to my next point.

I'll be blunt; I'm pretty bored of the Sonic fandom and being labeled as a part of it. There's not much of a challenge in drawing Sonic style, and it often feels like it's difficult to be even a little original. But to get to the point- it seems as though the majority of my watchers only look at my page because of my Sonic styled artwork, and it's frustrating, but at the same time I'm well aware that that's just how dA works. Draw fanart/Sonic = pageviews. But hey, what can you do? So, to sum it up, I'd like to really break away from that. I still enjoy playing Sonic games every now and then and occasionally doodling a fancharacter or two, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to disassociate myself from the bulk of the fandom. I don't want people visiting my page simply because I drew Sonic fancharacters, and I don't want my gallery to be dismissed as just another Sonic artist, haha.

Essentially, what I'd like is a fresh start. I'd like to be taken a tad more seriously, since I'm starting to take my art more seriously. I really hope that makes sense.

Now, since I still owe quite a few commissions and whatnot, and I'd like to keep the bulk of those out of my new gallery, I'll continue to post those here, so no worries. I haven't forgotten about anyone, and I have been continuing to work on knocking things off my to do list. But as mentioned before, I just simply haven't been satisfied with my work. (Not to mention college has been working me practically to death!) And what's the point in giving someone an art piece that I'm not content with? I don't want to give my customers/friends any old thing I just threw together, I want to give you guys something that's really good. But I do sincerely apologize for my inactivity.

As for my new account... in order for it to be truly a fresh start, I've decided I won't be posting the link. If anyone wants to actually continue to watch my artwork and start seeing some more original stuff, you'll have to find it yourself. xD However, if you're a friend (or even maybe possibly an acquaintance, I suppose; I'll be using my discretion =P) and want to privately note/message me for the new account, I'd be happy to tell you. :3 And if I don't tell you... it's probably nothing personal. LOL I'd just really prefer to keep it relatively private for now. I actually started setting it up a little while back and there's nothing really on it right now, but I have a couple of things in progress I'm hoping to upload soon. c:

I appreciate it if any of you actually bothered to read this much, but since I do tend to blabber on continuously, here's a short and sweet version. :heart:

tl;dr: I'm moving accounts and taking my artwork more seriously, disassociating myself from the Sonic fandom almost entirely (but continuing to post my remaining commissions and owed artwork here), and my new username will be kept private unless you're a friend who wants to note me for it.

One last thing to add though, I do appreciate everyone's support in my past few years on dA, so please don't think I'm being ungrateful; I know plenty of you who have enjoyed my original stuff. I just feel like it's time for me to move on and have a fresh start. So, thank you everyone! I hope that my artwork will impress you in the near future. :heart:

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